Cisco’s New Firewall

The next generation of cybersecurity technologies is approaching, and in good time too. One of the company’s embracing this much-needed development is San Jose-based Cisco. Last month, the technology firm revealed to the world a new firewall solution, which has been built to detect threats on a system. The company claims that the new product, Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall, is one of the first products of its kind with the ability to link key contextual information about app usage in conjunction with threat intelligence. “The Cisco next-generation firewall acts as a unifying platform, integrating Cisco and third-party security solutions for increased correlation and context,” says David Goeckeler, senior vice president and general manager for Cisco’s security business group. “The result is better protection, and faster detection and response to advanced threats.”

Cisco has been investing heavily in its security services which have helped to develop this new product. It has pumped billions into acquisitions of cybersecurity firms and also in internally to spur innovation. The investments are necessary due to the increasingly dangerous state of cyberspace, in which hackers and the malicious code they create are frequently steps ahead of the security measures attempting to obstruct them. Cisco, recognising these realities, has looked to improving its security services in response, and this next-generation firewall is evidence of this.

The new product also has other complementaries: the company also released the new Cisco Firepower 4100 Series appliances, for high-performing business apps, and will be managed via the new Cisco Firepower Management Centre, as well as being capable of 40GbE network connectivity. The Centre will also essentially work as a ‘nerve centre’, acting as a single unified console which collects threat intelligence and contextual data which is extracted by Firepower.

The difference with these new solutions and products, according to Cisco, is that it aims to confront any kind of cyber attack no matter what vector it is found in, as opposed to ring-fencing individual applications that a legacy firewall would do. “Think of it as legacy NGFWs protecting ‘homes’ by securing windows and doors, whereas Cisco’s approach is to identify, detect and protect against would-be burglars no matter how they try to gain access to a property,” Cisco explained. 

The product, while integrating with third-party security products, also allows customers to make changes to security measures using information about vulnerabilities, threats and network assets, to further strengthen cyber defences. Essentially, the new products allow company’s to respond to cyber threats in real-time, with faster detection and response to cyber threats. 

Security is now becoming a top priority for firms, big and small, as the cyber landscape becomes more threatening. Cisco, as evident with this new line of security products, is providing the tools to address those concerns. Additionally, it is also allowing firms to integrate better security into their systems without causing obstructions to growth, which acts as a common deterrence that leaves many firms vulnerable to even the most simple of attacks. Cisco, with this product and its overall greater commitment to improved cybersecurity services, will help stop the rot.

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