Special Report: Will Humans Need Not Apply?

What improvements in AI could do to the future economy and greater humanity


It has taken some time, but now artificial intelligence has become one of the most illustrious technologies of today which has begun to shake up the world in an unprecedented fashion. What has been made it even more fascinating is its potential, as its applicability continues to broaden and encompass a range of industries and ways of life, possibly changing them in very significant ways. As a result, artificial intelligence could drastically change the way that the economy works, as well as having impacts on the traditional conventions of society. With that will also come interesting and probably difficult questions regarding the legal and ethical implications of the rise of artificial intelligence. As such, there is a great importance in ensuring that the right decisions are made with regard to AI in order for its rise to be compatible with what is best for humanity.

|The Rise of AI

What is the big deal with artificial intelligence?

|The Big Questions

How AI could change humanity as we know it

|Bigger, Better and Faster

Why has artificially intelligence improved so much in recent years?

|Computer Capital

The economy in the age of AI

|Smarter Security

The use of AI to defend against the threats of cyberspace could be very fruitful

|Know Thyself No More

The trends and technology fuelling AI could change views on privacy and free will

|Controlling the Creators

The potential downsides to artificial intelligence

|An AI Army?

The inevitable militarisation of AI comes with both costs and benefits

|Artificial Accountability

Would it be possible to hold AI entities criminally liable?

|Robot Rights?

Are AI entities and robots deserving of certain rights and freedoms?

|Where I Apply

What is the fate of humanity in the age of AI?