AI Meets Law

Can AI improve efficiency and productivity in the legal field?

Kira Systems and Ghergich & Co

Artificial intelligence has become the norm for so many areas of our lives. If we have a customer service question, we can often get at least the basic answers from artificial intelligence. If we need to shop for something, machine learning helps us sort through and narrow down the options. But when it comes to legal information and background, are there dangers with artificial intelligence? Will it take the place of lawyers and legal expertise, or can the two co-exist together?

The answer is, most definitely they can co-exist. There are some things that AI can do that can actually help lawyers and others involved in the legal profession be more productive, meaning those billable hours can go to tasks that help clients. That may mean processing data, but it certainly doesn’t mean making value judgements about the possible legal ramifications of a decision. What does this look like? These graphic offers some insights.

Kira Systems helps enterprises use machine learning software to search and analyse contracts. View the full article here. The graphics were produced by Ghergich & Co.